Our dedicated team, stakeholders and partners consists of some of the leading experts in the fields of ecology, economics, business, aquaculture, non profit conservation, as well as representatives from universities and research centres.

Moreover, we also take pride in working closely with local community economic development councils and local fisher communities across four continents.


Brian Tsuyoshi Takeda
Founder & CEO

Brian Tsuyoshi Takeda is a global citizen. Born in Japan, raised in Canada, studied in part in Chile, lives in Norway, and works out of the company offices in the Netherlands—he brings unique insights into cultures, people and opportunities to do good.  

A consummate entrepreneur, he holds a Business Degree from Queen's University, Canada, where he also co-founded Muzi Tea, helping to introduce Matcha green tea to North America. Later as the Marketing Director of Norway Pelagic, he promoted Nordic specialty seafoods to East Asian markets and gained a remarkable appreciation of the potential opportunities of fusing technology and culture to create innovative solutions. These insights proved extraordinarily valuable during his time as the Director of Innovation at Kaston, where he cultivated numerous innovative ventures including what would then become Urchinomics.

Brian’s guiding passion for innovation, manifests in his desire to prove that for-profit ventures can be a powerful driver of positive change. With proper incentives, clear ethical boundaries and the right amount of human ingenuity, he believes restoring coastal ecosystems and creating meaningful jobs can be done responsibly, profitably, and have a sustained, positive effect on climate change through blue carbon sequestration.  In short, to ‘do good’.


Denise MacDonald
Director, Global Brand Marketing

From an early age, Denise travelled the world from the Americas to Europe and beyond. A San Francisco native, she’s fluent in Swedish and French and was educated in the US and UK. A keen communicator and design aficionado she is driven by a passion to articulate messages and brands in all forms that today ‘do good’. Denise leads the Urchinomics Global Branding Team and is a seasoned marketing professional with close to 20 years’ experience across branding, marketing, and entrepreneurial business strategy.

She holds a degree from the London College of Communication, part of the University of the Arts London. Having worked on brands ranging from L’Oreal (UK), Bergdorf Goodman (NY), Capital One Financial Services (UK), Muzi Tea (Canada) to creative account management with leading advertising and communications agencies like J Walter Thompson, McCann Erickson and Cossette, she brings invaluable experience and a global perspective.

Today, she is focused on articulating the multifaceted and pioneering work that Urchinomics is defining in the aquaculture world.


Harm Kampen
Director, Global Operations

Harm has been fascinated by the oceans since he was a child. Traveling the world to observe and experience various ocean species resulted in a Masters degree in Aquaculture & Fisheries from the University of Wageningen, Netherlands. He is passionate about aquaculture and sustainability which drives him to develop innovative solutions to supply the world with sustainable delicious protein, while making the world a better place.

Harm brings over 7 years of experience in the aquaculture sector and has benefitted from working as a production manager in a 100 ton Yellowtail Kingfish RAS-farm. Having pioneered the first Yellowtail in recirculation system, provided Harm with invaluable experience in developing new operational systems and solutions encompassing feeding, grading, harvesting and production. This experience has given him a deep understanding of growth modeling, nutrition, system hydraulics, fish biology/physiology and water quality parameters. He was also the project leader for an algae company with a focus on primary production of feed ingredients to be used in the aquaculture sector next to the production of astaxanthin for human consumption. Today, Harm’s main focus is on the technical and biological challenges in delivering truly sustainable and economically transformative solutions at Urchinomics.


Yuma Yamamoto
Business Developer, Japan

Yuma’s interest in conservation was ignited from an early age by his outdoorsy family seizing every opportunity to escape the concrete jungle of Tokyo for the natural wilderness of the countryside.

Later, Yuma enhanced his passion for environmental conservation by studying environment politics and cross-cultural communication at Ritsumeikan University in Japan and American University in the US. His focus was concentrated on "The Practice of Environmentalism: Science, Policy & Communication" combined with him conducting fieldwork and interviews in the Galapagos Islands. His subsequent graduation thesis was on the relationship between economic activities on the Galapagos Islands and environmental sustainability.

Today, Yuma benefits from nearly 7 years working on new business development and account management within the manufacturing and market research industry. The combination of professional and academic experience enables Yuma to play a leading role in Japan, enhancing communication among all our stakeholders and helping to overcome language and cultural challenges globally.

Yuma’s core desire is to articulate the ecological, economic and social benefits of the Urchinomics business model in Japan and to share Japanese best practices with the world.