Urchinomics on TV Tokyo program “未来世紀ジパング/Miraiseiki Zipangu”

This video clip is a short summary of the TV Tokyo program “未来世紀ジパング/Miraiseiki Zipangu” aired in March.

The summary clip touches on the following points;

  • The issue that kelp forests are disappearing, caused by overgrazing urchins in many places in the world—including Norway and Japan—and how Urchinomics can turn those valueless empty urchins into delicious seafood with the ranching and feed technologies we have developed in Norway and Japan.

  • How Urchinomics started. After the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, the overgrazing urchins and kelp denudation became a huge problem in Northeast Japan. Founder/CEO Brian Tsuyoshi Takeda started ranching trials in Miyagi prefecture in cooperation with local fishery co-ops and a feed manufacturer, in order to support local fishermen, and to help restore the kelp forests through the commercialization of ranched urchins.

  • Urchinomics’ ranching trial in Norway successfully grew the roe from empty urchins to premium seafood just in 5 weeks. A local Japanese restaurant in Norway serves our ranched urchins to their customers. Even though urchin is an emerging food trend in many countries, the customers enjoy our ranched urchins at the restaurant.

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