The Fish Site: Silicon valley embraces aquaculture innovation

The event, hosted by Schmidt Marine Technology and supported by the California Ocean Protection Council, was part of Fish 2.0’s 2018-19 Global Seafood Business Competition. 

“The competition series is a platform that brings together innovative businesses with potential investors, partners and expert advisors,” said Fish 2.0 executive director, Monica Jain. “We’re trying to create a community and network that can work together to grow the sustainable seafood and ocean sectors more quickly.”

The event, which took place in San Francisco on November 29, attracted a wide range of ideas for sustainable seafood production. One company unveiled plans to collect wild sea urchins and on-grow them in tanks for market, with the added benefit of allowing wild kelp forests and abalone populations to recover. Meanwhile, a start-up outlined plans to produce fresh seaweed in land-based systems for the culinary market to decrease the state’s reliance on dried and rehydrated imports. There was even a company planning to produce shrimp in a land-based, recirculating system – a first for California.

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